Interview with Foresythe

The power of the internet is undeniably amazing. We got the opportunity to hear songs from this young emcee through his SoundCloud page after a member of his team sent us a link through our email. We were quite impressed not solely because of the material but mainly due to the potential and enthusiasm exhibited by him through his sound, so much so that we had to interact with the brain behind trap-record ‘Can’t Relate’.

Who is Foresythe?

Foresythe is a young Nigerian artiste from LAGOS and based in LAGOS. My stage name Foresythe is not for any deep reason at all, I just enjoy the confused look on people’s faces when I mention it, it’s actually my surname.

I am currently signed to Chase Music which is headed by the famous Jinmi Abduls (A.K.A Jinmi of Lagos). I used to be in a music group alongside Damilola Kolade and Jerry Cameroon (R.M.E) before my recent exit in order to focus on my solo career. Foresythe is an alternative rapper who makes Afro-Trap music and Conscious rap.

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What attributed to your music style?

Generally, as a person I have always had passion for [rap] music. I had the chance to listen to J. Cole, Kendrick etc. for a while and I thought to myself, since I have the drive and the passion for music, why not start my own movement. So I took it upon myself to be heard through my music. I make it a point to make meaningful music, I try to create songs that hold meaning which can be likened to the style J. Cole adopts towards his writing. I do not conform to creating just the popular ‘GBEDU’ that every average Nigerian finds joy in listening to.

What got you into Music?

I’ve always had the passion for it, but I started acting on it in high school with a couple of friends, where we just sat in circles in class and made beats by hitting sticks on tables and dropping punchlines as fun. I noticed mine was getting to a higher level, it wasn’t just fun anymore I actually enjoyed doing it and I was good at it, that was when i alongside two of my friends, Kolade and Jerry formed a music group R.M.E which was the start of my career.

How do you know this is the beat you want to rap on?

I feel like every beat is a new challenge, you should be ready for new challenges and be ready to face them because as a rapper you have to be creative enough to work on various instrumentals, you can’t just work on one particular beat style. So as for me, anything new and creative goes.

What sets you apart from other rappers?

I feel like the potential I have makes me deliver world class music to my audience. With the recent output from Nigerian rappers I feel they are getting it all wrong, mainly because most of them confine themselves to the same pattern of music, and as a rapper you are supposed to be creative and explore different sounds like I stated earlier on.  I’m always able to do this and it makes me different from other rappers.

Currently in the underground music industry, who do you think has the most influence?

There isn’t just one person who has the most influence, there’s a handful of them, we have the likes of Odunsi (The Engine), Bobson, Jinmi Abduls, Nonso Amadi, among few others. My name is going to be there very soon, watch out guys.

How are you feeling towards the reception of your new single?

I feel great because a lot of people have been accepting ‘Can’t Relate‘ really well to the extent that I’m not even ready to drop a new jam because I want to perform Can’t Relate at more places because all the performances I’ve done have been too epic. People always vibe with the song even if they’re hearing it for the first time. Its an amazing feeling.

You have a collaboration with Jinmi Abduls, how did that come about?

Well, Jinmi and I are signed under the same record label, Chase Music and when I wrote ‘Omoge‘ I felt Jinmi would have been the perfect featured artiste on the track cause I couldn’t imagine any other person on that particular track because of the concept and the emotions within the song.

What’s your take on the current state of hip hop, do you think the current crop of artistes lack consistency and therefore won’t be around for long?

Yes, because most artistes don’t deliver enough quality and even when they do the supply isn’t enough. The ones that drop a plethora of songs don’t drop good quality and those that drop good quality don’t drop enough quantity of songs, and for this reason they fade away rather quickly because people get tired of them fast.

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What about the South African takeover? Why do you think rap music shifted from Nigeria to South Africa?

Simply because the rappers in South Africa deliver better music than Nigerian rappers. We have Cassper Nyovest, Nasty C, AKA, these artistes deliver consistently and they deliver world class music and i feel most Nigerian artistes deliver music that they feel would blow in Nigeria but South African artistes deliver what can survive anywhere.

What do you think Nigerian rappers need to do to take back their spot?

Personally, I feel it’s almost too late for Nigeria because first off; there are too many sites and blogs where Nigerians have access to free downloads of songs which is not right because in other countries, you buy songs with money, there are hardly leaks or any pirated copies of songs. That way, everyone gets to make money off their songs, that’s why most foreign artistes make more money than Nigerian artistes because most Nigerians would rather get their songs online for free than getting it on iTunes or something for money. Secondly, nowadays when an ‘underground artiste’ is called for a performance or something and he calls an amount of money which he feels is suitable for the creative work he has produced most people are reluctant to pay or they ask for a price reduction which I feel is not right, because the artiste knows how much he put into the work and knows the worth of his art.

Do you pay your producers?

Well, I don’t pay my producers because I’m signed to a record label and my music is produced by producers under the same record label so I get my songs produced as part of the package.

You have a sweet deal then.

Which artistes do you want to work with?

There’s a long list (laughs), with regards to bubbling artistes, I’d love to work with Odunsi, Bobson, Nonso Amadi among others. In the near future, among the bigger artistes, I’d love to work with almost everyone from, Ycee to Davido, Maleek Berry, DMW, the list goes on.

What is in the Pipeline?

Asides my recent single ‘Give It To Me‘ which was produced by Remy Baggins (shout out to the dopest producer ever), I have a couple of singles dropping soon, ‘Today‘ is a single by Chase Music featuring Jinmi Abduls and myself, and I have other songs that might drop soon.


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