$pacely Wants You To Get Your “Digit$” Up

Over the past few months you’d have to be hiding under a rock to not have heard of Ghanaian singer/rapper, $pacely (pronounced; speɪsli) or sensational producer, Nxwrth (pronounced; nɔːθ).

With his ‘Procrastination’ E.P still in the production process, $pacely lets go of this hard-hitting record which of course has Nxwrth handling the production.

The song opens with a husky-voiced $pacely giving a somewhat inaudible short intro in French before the fast-paced piano piece and the heavy kick courtesy Nxwrth rolls in. The cover art for the record takes elements from Sci-Fi movie Matrix and after listening to the song it’s quite obvious $pacely (or Keanu) took the red pill and snapped on this record.

The central piece of the song is about grinding and making money which seems like new grounds for the artist who is currently being identified by his “$pacely Finesse em” signature.

$pacely’s style and energy on the record is reminiscent of American hip-hop artist “Desiigner”, but rather than inaudible sounds on this insane beat, $pacely does well to get his inspiring message across to his listeners.

Listen to $pacely’s Digits here:


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