Royaal and Vuyo Renene Create Magic On “Come Through”

It’s quite amazing to find singers who are still creating R&B music, the genre has not been as relevant as it was a few years back.

South African singers Royaal and Vuyo Renene give you a refreshing sound in a time where Afro-beat, Hip-Hop and EDM songs rule the airwaves (and streaming app playlists).

“Come Through” is a ballad about two lovers engaged in a long-distance relationship. Producer Kaizen provides the necessary backdrop for the song to take shape and connect to the listener emotionally.

Vuyo Renene bursts out with opening lines, “You know what I like and what I need, I don’t want to wait another week, not being with you feels like torture”, which sets the tone of love and sex for the remainder of the track. 

The chemistry between this two on this song makes one yearn for more collaborations from the duo. 

Listen to Come Through here:


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