Veezo Taps Yaw Bannerman To Help Mend His Heart On ‘Liar Liar’ 

Botswana rapper Veezo collaborates with dancehall singer/ producer, Yaw Bannerman for this dancehall-themed heartbreak song.

Veezo drops witty bars which are complemented with the infectious beat put together by Yaw Bannerman as well as his cut-throat vocals on the hook (can you get enough of those ad-libs?).

Great songs are usually ones with great stories, Veezo does well to give a narration of the events that took place for him to find out he has been hoodwinked by the girl he put his love and trust in.

If all ‘relationship gone sour’ songs could sound like this, the world would be a happier place instead of the sad numbers that rather leave us extra dejected.

Quotable lyrics:

Trap a n*gger, trap a n*gger that’s your daily bread,

You play with them then cut them off easy fade.


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