Top Songs of the Week

With tons of songs being released each week, we filter through and shortlist the best of the pack across the continent and beyond.

Here are the songs from this week you need to listen to, in no particular order;

Black Girls Glow – Mother of Heirs ft. Fu, Ria Boss and Poetra Asantewa

Origin: Ghana

The title track off the 12-track ‘Black Girls Glow’ project could easily be the most important of the pack.

The main theme running through the entire tape is ‘female empowerment’ and ‘Mother of Heirs’ hits right through with the sharp lyrics from rapper Fu, singer Ria Boss and spoken word artist Poetra Asantewa.

When Fu spits, “Silly girl/ Silly silly girl/ How dare you shine bright/ How dare you be revered/ Now tell me who the hell are you to ever even think that one day you will lead armies and win battles over theirs”, you know the agenda at hand and the inspiration for the project.

RadicalTheKid does an excellent job with the laid-back beat.

Kyrian Asher – 30,000 feet

Origin: Nigeria/ USA

Image result for kyrian asher

Kyrian Asher delivers a spectacular experience with 30,000 feet, from the 808’s to the sweet melody and the violin piece, this song  literally takes you to a level you can only dream of.

With a duration of two minutes and fifty-seven seconds Kyrian Asher sends you on an emotional journey.

Jean Feier – XXX

Origin: Ghana


Let’s get on the same page and admit there aren’t enough female emcees on the scene and the ones who have the spotlight are doing a(n) (not so) amazing job of proving to us why they need to be accorded the necessary praise and given the limelight; save for a few like Jean Feier and Tinuke Noah who aren’t being praised enough.

To be honest, the chill production by cdxy wasn’t exactly expected on this song but Jean did what she only knows and goes HAM on this record with her fiery cut-throat bars.

XXX is a braggadocios record as Jean Feier belittles her ‘haters’ and leaves them to watch her ascend to the top of the totem pole.

P.S. Jean Feier has shooters, don’t mess with her.

EA WAVE X Fena – African Girl

Origin: Kenya

EA Wave group 2

From the #WaveyWednesday series from EA Wave, we get this pro-Female anthem with Fena lending her vocals and her motivational lyrics to the song.

Bils – Still Lagos (Story of OJ Cover)

Origin: Nigeria

Image result for bils still lagos

On this cover, Bils takes a moment to address issues going on in his homeland Nigeria.

The record touches various points from religion, to politics and the penetration of plastic rice in Nigeria.

Corruption is a menace that will take only a focused society to cast out, Bils isn’t the one to eradicate it entirely but he does help with this song by casting light on these social cankers tormenting the country.

Dee Tutu – Jollof 

Origin: Ghana

At this point it’s safe to say the Afro-beats genre is being done better outside Ghana but a few people are holding on and trying to get the genre to stay relevant.

Dee Tutu isn’t the savior of Ghanaian Afro-beats but his Jollof track is something you can vibe to.

Which better way to toast a girl than to compare her to Ghanaian and Nigerian Jollof?

Black Girls Glow – Fresh Air featuring Ria Boss and Poetra Asantewaa

Origin: Ghana

Another cut from the Black Girls Project, “Fresh Air” is the intro to the entire project as it also sets the tone which is followed through the rest of the album.

The song starts with the soothing vocals of Ria Boss which is cut with a spoken word piece by Poetra that has an uplifting message for females.

Keyzuz handles the spectacular production on this album-opener.

Big Dreamz – Blow Up

Origin: South Africa

From the production to the mix to the melody on this record, South African producer/ artiste Big Dreamz really came through with this banger.

Big Dreamz has been handling a lot of projects for other artistes for sometime now, this single was long overdue and the wait was totally worth it.

Adopting a singing-rap-esque style, Big Dreamz sings about his ambitions and his dreams of blowing up even as a kid. Kwesta also takes the same lane and raps about not being caught up in illegal activities and being asked to go to school to enable him make it in life which he didn’t, but his mom is still proud of what he became.



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